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Against Straight Lines
Robert Perkins
(NMI F 1136 .P47 1983)

Atlantic Fury
A Thundering Tale of the Wrath of the Sea and the Men Who Battle its Fury
Hammond Innes
(NMI PZ 3 .I576 Atl)

Before the Wind
True Stories about Sailing
David Gowdey
(NMI GV 811 .G67 1994)

A Private Voyage
Jonathan Raban
(NMI DA 632 .R33 1988)

Cork Boat
John Pollack
(NMI GV 776.62 .A2 P65 2004)

The Dark River
Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
(NMI PZ 3 .N764 Dar)

The Death Ship
A Novel
B Traven
(NMI PZ 3 .T6985 Tra)

The Defeat of John Hawkins
Rayner Unwin
(NMI DA 86.22 H3 Unw)

The Founding Fish
John McPhee
(NMI QL 638 .C64 M4 2002)

The High Barbaree
Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
(NMI PZ 3 .N764 Hig)

The Hurricane
Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
(NMI PZ 3 .N764 Nor)

The New Glenans Sailing Manual
The most comprehensive how-to-sail program ever published
(NMI VK 543 .C4 1978)

No More Gas
Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall
(NMI PZ 3 .N764 No)

North Atlantic Odyssey
Sailing to the Arctic Circle
One Family’s Voyage from Boston to the Land of the Midnight Sun
Robert S. Gould
(NMI GV 817 .N73 G68 Gou)

Patrick O’Brian 21
The Final Unfinished Voyage of Jack Aubrey including a facsimile of the manuscript
(NMI PR 6029 .B55 A135 2004)

Prize of All the Oceans
Commodore Anson’s Daring Voyage and Triumphant Capture of the Spanish Treasure Galleon
Glyn Williams
(NMI G 420 .A6 W52 1999)

Racundra’s Third Cruise
Arthur Ransome
(NMI DK 504.29 .R36 2002)

The Raft
Robert Trumbull
(NMI DU 22 .T75)

Sea and Islands
Hammond Innes
(NMI GV 822 .M32 I5 1967)

Sharpe’s Trafalgar
Spain 1805
Bernard Cornwell
(NMI PR 6053 .O75 S564 2001)

The Skipper of the Cynthia B. Charles
Pendexter Durell
(NMI PZ 7 .D933)

Steamboats on the Western Rivers
Louis C. Hunter
(Slocum HE 627 .H8)

The Second Voyage
Jim Moore
(NMI G 440 .S95 M67 1994)

Talking to Angels
A Life Spent in High Latitudes
Robert Perkins
(NMI CT 275 .P5735 A3 1996)

To Build a Ship
A Novel
Don Berry
(NMI PZ4 .B5315 Ber)

Travellers on a Trade Wind
Marcia Pirie
(NMI G 477 .P57 1998)

Tuning the Rig
A Journey to the Arctic
Harvey Oxenhorn
(NMI G 627 .O48 1990)

A Viking Voyage in which an Unlikely Crew of Adventurers Attempts an Epic Journey to the New World
W. Hodding Carter
(NMI G 530 .C200 Car)

The War with Cape Horn
Alan Villiers
(NMI G 540 .V67 Vil)

Whistling for a Wind
Charles Landery
(NMI D 973 .L33 1953)

You Can’t Blow Home Again
Herb Payson
(NMI G 477 .F395 1999)

Dudley Pope
(NMI PR 6066 .O5 A2 Pop)

The Annapolis Book of Seamanship
3rd Revised Edition
John Rousmaniere
(NMI GV 811.5 .R68 1999)

Bearing Drift
A true story of tragedy, heroism and how thirty four sailors rescued the U.S. Coast Guard
Peter Sloan Eident
(NMI VK 1272 .C52 B43 EID)

The Brendan Voyage
Sailing to America in a Leather Boat to Prove the legend of the Irish Sailor Saints
Tim Severin
(NMI G 470 .S48 2000)

Dudley Pope
(NMI PR 6066 .O5 B8 Pop)

By Way of the Wind
Refreshing, amusing and practical inspiration for all long-distance sailors – and those who dream about it
Jim Moore
(NMI G 440 .S95 M66 1996)

Children of the Light
The Rise and Fall of New Bedford Whaling and the Death of the Arctic Fleet
Everett S. Allen
(NMI SH 383.2 .A44 All)

The Coast of Summer
Sailing New England Waters from Shelter Island to Cape Cod
Anthony Bailey
(NMI GV 776 .A84 B35 1994)

Complete Amateur Boat Building in Wood, Glass Fibre and Metal
Michael Verney
(NMI VM 351 .V47)

Dudley Pope
(NMI PR 6066 .O5 C67 POP)

Dick Cheveley His Adventures and Misadventures
W.H.G. Kingston
(NMI PR 4845 .K55 D5 1881)

The Dolphin Smile
Twenty-nine centuries of dolphin lore
Edited by Eleanore Devine & Martha Clark
(NMI QL 795 .D7 D4 Dev)

The East Indiaman
Richard Woodman
(NMI PR 6073 .O618 E3 WOO)

A Fine Tops’l Breeze
Vol. 2 in the War of 1812 Trilogy
William H.White
(NMI PS 3623 .H586 F56 Whi)

Fishing with John
Edith Iglauer
(Slocum HD 8039 .F66 C364 1988)

Dduley Pope
(NMI PR 6066 .O5 G35 POP)

Ghost Wave
The Discovery of Cortes Bank and the Biggest Wave on Earth
Chris Dixon
(NMI GV 839.65 .C2 D59 2011)

The Guineaman
Richard Woodman
(NMI PR 6073 .O618 G9 WOO)

Harbors and High Seas
An Atlas and Geographical Guide to the Complete Aubrey-Maturin Novels of Patrick O’Brian
3rd Edition
Dean King
(NMI PR 6029 .B55 Z73 2000)

Heart of Oak
Alexander Kent
(NMI PR 6061 .E63 H43 2007)

The genius and madness of America’s first female tycoon
Charles Slack
(NMI HG 2463 .G74 S57 SLA)

In the King’s Name
Alexander Kent
(NMI PR 6061 .E63 I55 2011)

Incidents of a Whaling Voyage to which are added observations on the Scenery, Manners and Customs and Missionary Stations of the Sandwich and Society Islands accompanied by numerous lithographic prints
Francis Allyn Olmsted
(NMI G 545 .O51 1969)

A Light-Hearted Story of Two Innocents at Sea
James A McCracken
(NMI F 106 .M26 1976)

The Lonely Sea
Alistair Maclean
(NMI PR 6063 .A248 L6 1986)

Masterman Ready
Captain Marryat
(NMI PR 4977 .M3 1900)

A Press of Canvas
Vol. 1 in the War of 1812 Trilogy
Willaim H. White
(NMI PS 3573 .W5 P73 Whi)

The Privateersman
Richard Woodman
(NMI PR 6073 .O618 P74 WOO)

The Real Story of the Whaler
A. Hyatt Verrill
(NMI SH 381 .V4 1923)

Rowing to Latitutde
Journeys Along the Arctic’s Edge
Jill Fredston
(NMIGV 782.42 .F74 A3 2001)

Sails Full and By
Dom Degnon
(NMI G 440 .T14 D44 1995)

The Sea
Photographs by Philip Plisson
(NMI TR 670 .P5613 2010)

The Sea Witch
A Narrative of the Experiences of Capt. Roger Murray and others in an American Clipper Ship during the years 1846 to 1856
Alexander Laing
(NMI PZ 3 .L143 LAI)

Sharpe’s Prey
Denmark 1807
Bernard Cornwell
(NMI PR 6053.O75 S538 2002)

Sharpe’s Trafalgar
Spain 1805
Bernard Cornwell
(NMI PR 6053.O75 S564 2001)

The Story of Yankee Whaling by the Editors of American Heritage, the magazine of History
(NMI SH 331 .A44 1959)

Suez to Singapore
Cecil Brown
(NMI D 811.5 B76)

The second voyage
Jim Moore
(NMI G 440 .S95 M67 1994)

They Live by the Wind
The Lore and Romance of the Last Sailing Workboats: the Grand Banks Schooners, the Square-Rigged Training Ships, the Chesapeake Oyster Boats, the Fishing Sloops of the Bahamas
Wendell P. Bradley
(NMI G 540 .B572 1969)

The Tide of War
A Nathan Peake Novel
Seth Hunter
(NMI PR 6108 .U59 T53 HUN)

Toward a Distant Island
Leonard Wibberley
(NMI G 540 .W64 WIB)

Tuning the Rig
A Journey to the Arctic
Harvey Oxenhorn
(NMI G 627 .O84 1990)

Unlikely Passages
Reese Palley
(NMI GV 811 .P28 1998)

Voices in the Ocean
A Journey into the Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins
Susan Casey
(NMI QL 737 .C432 C34 2015)

Wake of the Perdido Star
A novel of shipwrecks, pirates and the sea
Gene Hackman & Daniel Lenihan
(NMI PS 3558 .A3114 W35 1999)

The Whale
In Search of the Giants of the Sea
Philip Hoare
(NMI QL 737 .C4 H623 2009)

The Whale – Going… Going… Gone?
Marion Phillips
(NMI SH 381 .P49 1978)

Whale Hunt
The Narrative of a Voyage by Nelson Cole Haley Harpooner in the Ship Charles W. Morgan 1849-1853
(NMI G 545 .H3)

Whaler Round the Horn
Stephen W. Meader
(NMI PZ 7 .M49)

You Can’t Blow Home Again
Herb Payson
(NMI G 477 .F395 1999)

Bridge Procedures Guide
3rd edition
International Chamber of Shipping
(NMI VK 200 .I5 1998)

The Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence with notes and charts by William R. Barnes
(NMI KF 4527 .B37 1956)

Crazy for the Storm
A Memoir of Survival
Norman Ollestad
(NMI CT 275 .O475 A3 2009)

Deadrise is from Here … to Yonder
Chesapeake Sailing Craft Designed by Joseph F. Gregory
(NMI VK 24 .M3 G73 1987)

Gaff Rig
John Leather
(NMI VM 311 .F7 L38 LEA)

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction
Wood and West System Materials
(NMI VM 321 .G68 GOU)

Oliver Sacks
(NMI RC 339.52 .S23 A3 2015)

Iron Thunder
The Battle between the Monitor & the Merrimac
A Civil War Story
(NMI PZ 7 .A953 2007)

Lieutenant Christopher
A Novel of the Sea
William P. Mack
(NMI PS 3563 .A3133 MAC)

Life at the Extremes
The Science of Survival
Frances Ashcroft
(NMI QP 82 .A75 2001)

A Loose Herd of Texans
Bill Porterfield
(NMI F 391 .P84 POR)

The Sailor’s Sketchbook
Bruce Bingham
(NMI VM 351 B48 1983)

The Sailing Dictionary
A Comprehensive Reference Book of Modern Sailing Terms
Joachim Schult
(NMI GV 811 .S34 1981)

Sailing Ships and their Story
E. Keble Chatterton
(NMI VM 15 .C6 1923)

Trapped Under the Sea
One Engineering Marvel, Five Men and a Disaster Ten Miles into the Darkness
Neil Swidey
(NMI TD 524 .M4595 2014)

Under the Red Sea Sun
Commander Edward Ellsberg
(NMI D 811 .E58 ELL)

The Wind Commands
Harry A. Morton
(NMI VK 123 .M67 1975)

Adams vs Jefferson
The Tumultuous Election of 1800
John Ferling
(NMI E 330 .F47 2004)

Beyond the Messy Truth
How We Came Apart
How We Come Together
Van Jones.
(NMI JK 275 .J66 2017)

Blue Book of Questions & Answers for Third Mates
W.A. MacEwen
(NMI VK 537 .M25 1965)

Captain James Cook
Seaman and Scientist
Bill Finnis
(NMI G 420 .C65 F56 2003)

The Glorious Cause
A Novel about the American Revolution
Jeff Shaara
(NMI PS 3569 .H18 G58 2002)

Guidelines on Fatigue
(NMI K 1214 .F38 A5 2002)

Heroes in Dungarees
The Story of the American Merchant Marine in World War II
John Bunker
(NMI D 810 .T8 B79 1995)

International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals
International Chamber of Shipping Oil Companies International Marine Forum International Association of Ports and Harbors
(NMI VM 455 .I45 1978)

John Adams Under Fire
The Founding Father’s Fight for Justice in the Boston Massacre Murder Trial
Dan Abrams and David Fisher
(NMI E 322 .A5195 2020)

Men Against the Sea
Charles Noedhoff and James Norman Hall
(NMI PZ 3 .N764 NOR)

Political and Social History of Modern Europe
Volume II 1815-1924Carlton J.H. Hayes
(NMI D 209 .H3 1926)

Pollution Prevention Equipment under MARPOL
(NMI K 3591.2 .P65 2006)

Seven Miles After Sundown
Surfcasting for Striped Bass along the World Famous Cape Cod Canal
East End Eddie Doherty
(NMI SH 691 .D7 DOH)

Sovereignty for Sale
The Origins and Evolution of the Panamanian and Liberian Flags of Convenience
Rodney Carlisle
(NMI HE 736 .C37 CAR)

Tanker Operations
A Handbook for the Person in Charge
Mark E Huber
(NMI VM 455 .H83 2010)

The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy
John MacGregor
(NMI GV 822 .R6 M3 2001)

Whale Ships and Whaling Scenes as portrayed by Benjamin Russell
(NMI ND 1839 .R8 F6 1955)

Admiral of the Ocean Sea
A Life of Christopher Columbus
Sam Eliot Morison
(NMI E 111 .M86 1942a)

The Art of Rigging
George Biddlecombe
(NMI VM 531 .B53 1990)

The Arts of the Sailor
Knotting, Splicing and Ropework
Hervey Garrett Smith
(NMI VM 531 .S57 1990)

Boating Fiascos Adventures in Yachting
Steve and Lora Perry
(NMI VK 321 .P56 PER)

Canvas & Steam on Quinte Waters
Willis Metcalfe
(NMI VK 1276 .O45 M45 1968)

Captain Cousteau’s Underwater Treasury
Jacques-Yves Cousteau and James Dugan
(NMI G 525 .C73 COU)

The Story of Don Cristobal Colon Admiral of the Ocean and His Four Voyages Westward to the Indies according to Contemporary Sources Retold and Illustrated by Bjorn Landstrom
(NMI E 111 .L2643 LAN)

Courage to Walk
Robert Waxler
(NMI RC 406 .P3 W39)

Deep Sea Dominoes
Richard Hughes
(NMI G 530 H94 HUG)

Fire on the Horizon
The Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster
John Konrad & Tom Shroder
(NMI HD 7269 .P42 M615 2011)

The Four Voyages of Columbus
Edited by Cecil Jane
(NMI E 114 ,J36 1988)

Gaza A History
Jean-Pierre Filiu
(NMI DS 110 .G3 F5413 2014)

How to Build the Catspaw Dinghy
A Boat for Oar and Sail
Wooden Boat Magazine
(NMI VM 351 .H68 1986)

John Paul Jones
A Sailor’s Biography
Samuel Elot Morison
(NMI E 207 .J7 M6 MOR)

The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
C. Northcote Parkinson
(NMI PR 6066 .A6955 L53 1988)

The Lore of Sail
A Comprehensive and Authoritative Guide
(NMI VM 145 .B32 1984)

The Mathews Men
Seven Brothers and the War Against Hitler’s U-Boats
William Geroux
(NMI D 781 .G47 2016)

The New Mayflower
Her Design and Construction by her designer William A. Baker
(NMI VM 383 .M35 BAK)

Nick of Time
An adventure through Time
Ted Bell
(NMI PS 3602 .E6455 N53 2009)

Elie Wiesel
(NMI D 810 .J4 W65 2006)

The Peking Battles Cape Horn
Captain Irving Johnson
(NMI G 540 .J75 1977)

Practical Navigation by Calculator
Gerry Keys
(NMI VK 584 .K4 Key)

The Rhode Island Coast A Photographic Portrait
Jim McElholm
(NMI F 89 .M23 MCE)

The Rigging of Ships in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720
R.C. Anderson
(NMI VM 531 .A53 1927)

The Room Where It Happened
A White House Memoir
John Bolton
(NMI E 901.1 B65 A3 2020)

Sailor Historian
The Best of Samuel Eliot Morison
Edited by Emily Morison Beck
(NMI E 173 .M85 BEC)

Sails through the Centuries
Sam Svensson and Gordon Macfie
(NMI VM 307 .M323 MAC)

A Sea of Words
A Lexicon and Companion to the Cpmlete Seafaring Tales of Patrick O’Brian
Dean King
(NMI PR 6029 .B55 Z74 2000)

Set Fair for Roanoke
Voyages and Colonies 1584-1606
David Beers Quinn
(NMI F 229 .Q56 1984)

Ships from the Archives of Harland & Wolff The Builders of the Titanic
Tom McCluskie
(NMI VM 301 .H3 M35 1998)

Vagrant Viking
My Life and Adventures
Peter Freuchen
(NMI G 530 .F89 FRE)

What the Best College Teachers Do
Ken Bain
(NMI LB 2331 .B34 2004)

Windjammers of the Pacific Rim
(The Coastal Commercial Sailing Vessels of the Yesteryears)
Jim Gibbs
(NMI VM 23 .G53 1987)

Yacht Designs Revised and Expanded
William Garden
(NMI VM 331 .G33 1998 GAR)

Airbourne: a Sentimental Journey
William F. Buckley, Jr
(NMI G 530 .B88 1976)

American Marine Painting
John Wilmerding
(NMI ND 1372.5 W55 1987)

American Maritime Prints: the Proceedings of the Eighth Annual North American Print Conference held at the Whaling Museum, New Bedford, Massachusetts, May 6-7, 1977
Edited by Elton W. Hall
(NMI NE 957.3 .U6 N67 1977)

The Boater’s Handbook, the Essential Look-It-Up Book
Elbert S. Maloney
(NMI VK 155 .B66 2002)

Castles of Steel
Britain, Germany and the Winning of the Great War at Sea
Robert K. Massie
(NMI D 581 .M37 2004)

Come Aboard
Eric Hiscock
(NMI G 420 .W36 HIS)

Fire on the Beach
Recovering the Lost Story of Richard Etheridge and the Pea Island Lifesavers
David Wright & David Zoby
(NMI VK 1430 .A1 W75 2000)

The Flag Paintings of Childe Hassam
Ilene Susan Forte
(NMI ND 237 .H345 F67 1988)

Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship and Ocean Carrier
Harold A. Underhill
(NMI VM 531 .U58 UND)

Melbourne Osaka Double-Handed Yacht Race 1987
The Official Records
(NMI GV 812 .Y3 1987)

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave
Frederick Douglass
(NMI E 449 .D7 1997)

O’er the Wide and Tractless Sea
Original Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt
Michael P. Dyer
(NMI NC 110 .D93 2017)

The Origins of the Modern World
A Global and Ecological Narrative from the Fifteenth to Twenty-First Century
Robert B. Marks
(NMI D 203 .M37 2007)

The Overlook Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms
Graham Blackburn
(NMI V 23 .B58 BLA)

Return to the Sea
William Albert Robinson
(NMI DU 510 .R59 ROB)

The Second Mayflower Adventure
Warwick Charlton
(NMI G 530 .C46 CHA)

Start Powerboating Right!
The National Standard for Quality on-the-water Instruction
United States Sailing Association
(NMI GV 835 .S834 2003)

The Story of their 78-day Atlantic Crossing
Robert Manry
(NMI G 530 .M313 MAN)

Under Sail, a Boy’s Voyage around Cape Horn
Felix Riesenberg
(NMI G 540 .R5 1924)

The Weekend Navigator
Simple Boat Navigation with GPS and Electronics
Bob Sweet
(NMI VK 562 .S948 2005)

Whaling and Old Salem
Frances Diane Robotti
(NMI SH 381 .R6 1962)

America’s Inland Waterway
Exploring the Atlantic Seaboard
Allan C. Fisher, Jr.
(NMI F 106 .F49 FIS)

America’s Wild and Scenic Rivers
National Geographic Society
(NMI QH 76 .A46 1983)

Cap’n George Fred Himself by Captain George Fred Tilton
(NMI G 540 .T5)

Down to the Sea for Science
75 Years of Ocean Research, Education and Exploration at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Vicky Cullen
(NMI GC 29 .C85 2005)

Endangered Rivers and the Conservation Movement
Tim Palmer
(NMI QH 76 .P35 1986)

Martin H. Bush and Kenworth Moffett
(NMI ND 237 .G612 B87)

Henry Huddleston Rogers Collection of Ship Models
United States Naval Academy Museum.
(NMI VM 6 .A6 U52)

The Homing Instinct
Meaning and Mystery in Animal Migration
Bernd Heinrich
(NMI QL 754 .H45 2014)

Henri Charriere
(NMI HV 8956 .G8 C513 1970)

Return to Midway
The Quest to Find the Yorktown and other Lost Ships from the Pivotal Battle of the Pacific War
Robert D. Ballard and Rick Archbold
(NMI D 774 .M5 B35 1999)

Sailing the Great Races
Robin Burton
(NMI GV 813 B78 BUR)

The Ship and the Storm
Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome
Jim Carrier
(NMI G 530 .F175 C37 2001)

The Tides Have Spoken
Reflections, Anecdotes and Chronicles of Times Ebbed Away in Olde Beaufort Towne
Celia Faye Styron
(NMI F 262 .B4 S7 STY)

Treasures of the Whaling Museum
Touchstones to the Region’s Past
Old Dartmouth Historical Society/New Bedford Whaling Museum
(NMI SH 383.2 .T4 2015)

White Death
A Kurt Austin Adventure
Clive Cussler
(NMI PS 3553 .U75 W47 2003)

Windship Boy
Brian O’Brien
(NMI PZ 7 .Y8935 O37 OBR)


Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, crabs and the Chesapeake Bay
William W. Warner
(NMI SH 380 .U5 War)

Bill Clinton
Mastering the Presidency
Nigel Hamilton
(NMI E 886 .H365 2007)

A Novel of the Oregon Files
Clive Cussler
(NMI PS 3553 .U75 C67 2009)

The Exploration of the Colorado River and its Canyons
John Wesley Powell
(NMI F 788 .P886 2003)

The Hungry Ocean
Linda Greenlaw
(NMI SH 691 .H8 Gre)

Parrot and Olivier in America
Peter Carey
(NMI PR 9619.3 .C36 P37 2011)

Skene’s Elements of Yacht Design
8th ediiton
Francis S. Kinney
(NMI VM 331 .S62 1973)

Windjammer Watching on the Coast of Maine
Virginia L. Thorndike
(NMI VM 311 .S7 T49 1993)

Zeb A Celebrated Schooner Life
Polly Burroughs
(NMI VK 140 .T54 B87 Bur)

Assessing Learning
Standards, Principles & Procedures
Urban Whitaker
(NMI LB 1027 .W45 1989)

The Building of a Wooden Ship
“Sawn Frames and Trunnel Fastened”
Dana A. Story
(NMI VM 144 .S76 Sto)

Floating Palaces
New England to New York on the Old Fall River Line
Roger Williams McAdam
(NMI HE 633 .F33 M3 1972)

From Manassas to Appomattox
Memoires of the Civil War in America
General James Longstreet
(NMI NMI E 470 .L85 1984)

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World
Jack Weatherford
(NMI DS 22 .G45 W43 2004)

The 100-Year War between Monopoly Power and Democracy
Mark Stoller
(NMI HD 2757.2 .S76 2019)

Three Centuries of Seafaring
The Maritime Art of Paul Hee
(NMI ND 1370 .H44 2009)

100 Small Boat Rigs
(NMI VM 351 .B56 Bol)

Antarctic Oasis
Under the Spell of South Georgia
(NMI G 890 .S58 C37 1998 Car)

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us
Finding Your Way by Eye and Electronics
(NMI VK 555 .B794 2001 Bro)

Crossing into America
The New Literature of Immigration
(NMI PS 508 .I45 C76 2003 Men)

The Elements of Journalism
What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect
(NMI PN 4756. K67 2014 Kov)

The Folding Schooner and other Adventures in Boat Design
(NMI VM 321.B679 Bol)

A Picture Postcard History of Fairhaven
(NMI F 74 F1 P52 2003)

Portland Marine Society, 1796-1996 A Bicentennial History
(NMI F 16 M27 D4 1996)

Towers, Turrets and Tenements
The Brave Houses of New Bedford
(NMI F 74 N5 .T69 2001)

Viking America
The Norse Crossings and their Legacy
(NMI E 105 .E58 Ent)

A Window Back
Photography in a Whaling Port
(NMI F 74 .N5 W48 1997)

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain
(NMI PS 1305 .A1 1996)

Mightier than the Sword
How the Media Have Shaped American History
Roger Streitmatter
(NMI PN 4888 .I53 S77 2016)

Not Just Anywhere
The Story of WHALE and the Rescue of New Bedford’s Waterfront Historic District
Marsha McCabe & Joseph D. Thomas
(NMI F 74 .N5 M37 1996)

Sailing Craft
Edwin J Schoettle
(NMI VM 331 .S4 Sch)

Tanker Disasters
Eric Wiberg
(NMI VK 321 .W53 2009)

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates
The Forgotten War that Changed American History
Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger
(NMI E 335 .K55 2015)

Toward an Urban Ecology
Kate Orff Scape
(NMI SB 472.7 .O74 2016)

U-Boats in New England
Submarine Patrols, Survivors and Saboteurs 1942-45
Eric Wiberg
(NMI D 781 .W55 2019)

The Writing Revolution
A Guide to Advancing Thinking through Writing in all Subjects and Grades
Judith C Hochman and Natalie Wexler
(NMI LB 1047.3 .H63 2017)

100 Small Boat Rigs
(NMI VM 351 .B56 Bol)

Antarctic Oasis
Under the Spell of South Georgia
(NMI G 890 .S58 C37 1998 Car)

Boat Navigation for the Rest of Us
Finding Your Way by Eye and Electronics
NMI VK 555 .B794 2001 Bro)

Crossing into America
The New Literature of Immigration
(NMI PS 508 .I45 C76 2003 Men)

The Elements of Journalism
What Newspeople Should Know and the Public Should Expect
(NMI PN 4756. K67 2014 Kov)

The Folding Schooner and other Adventures in Boat Design
(NMI VM 321.B679 Bol)

A Picture Postcard History of Fairhaven
(NMI F 74 F1 P52 2003)

Portland Marine Society, 1796-1996 A Bicentennial History
(NMI F 16 M27 D4 1996)

Towers, Turrets and Tenements
The Brave Houses of New Bedford
(NMI F 74 N5 .T69 2001)

Viking America
The Norse Crossings and their Legacy
(NMI E 105 .E58 Ent)

A Window Back
Photography in a Whaling Port
(NMI F 74 .N5 W48 1997)

American Steamships on the Atlantic
Cedric Ridgely-Nevitt
(NMI VM 623 .R54 1981 Rid)

A Century Under Sail
Selected Photographs by Morris Rosenfeld and Stanley Rosenfeld, legendary photographers of the America’s Cup races
(NMI GV 821 .R67 1988 Ros)

The Diaries of Lord Louis Mountbatten 1920-1922
Tours with the Prince of Wales
(NMI DA 89.1 A3 1987 Zie)

The Elements of Style
4th edition
(NMI PE 1408 .S772 1999 Str)

Hidden America, From Coal Miners to Cowboys, An Extraordinary Exploration of the Unseen People Who Make This Country Work
(NMI HD 8072.5 .L37 2012 Las)

Inshore Craft of Norway
(NMI VM 396 .F14 1979 Fae)

Joel White Boatbuilder/Designer/Sailor
(NMI VM 321.52 .U6 M39 2002 May)

Last of the Square Rigged Ships
(NMI VM 311 .S7 Col)

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
2nd edition
(NMI PE 1408 .H3927 2012 Har)

Passage to America
Ralegh’s Colonists Take Ship for Roanoke
(NMI F 229 .M64 1983 Mil)

Riverboating in Lower Carolina
(NMI TC 624 .N8 J63 Joh)

Sam Crocker’s Boats
S. Sturgis Crocker takes you on board 103 of his father’s best designs
(NMI VM 351 .C67 1996 Cro)

Writing in the Works
(NMI LB 1047.3 .B55 2017 Bla)

Aleutian Freighter
A History of Shipping in the Aleutian Islands
(NMI HE 752 .A4M33 2012 Mac)

The Book of the Sea
(NMI G 540 .A1S6 Spe)

The British Seafarer
(NMI VK 149 .B72 Bri)

Captain Cook and the South Pacific
(NMI G 420 .C68G9 1955 Gwy)

The Care and Repair of Sails
(NMI VM 532 .H56 1976 How)

Changes in the Land
Indians, Colonists and the Ecology of New England
(NMI GF 504 .N45C76 1983 Cro)

Down Below Aboard the World’s Classic Yachts
(NMI VM 331 .W26 Wal)

Fishes of the Gulf of Maine
(NMI SH 11 .A25 no 74)

Freshwater Fishes of Canada
(NMI SH 223 .A344 no 184 Sco)

Harbor & Haven
An Illustrated History of the Port of New York
(NMI HE 554 .N7B79 Bun)

Learning the Ropes
An Apprentice on the Last of the Windjammers
(NMI VK 140 .N48)

Nantucket Gam
(NMI F 72 .N2M55 1993 Mil)

New Bedford
(NMI F 74 .N5S26 1997 Sam)

Rogues & Runners Bermuda and the American Civil War
(NMI E 600 .D45 2003 Dei)

Successful College Writing. Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles
(NMI PE 1408 .M397 2003 Mcw)

A View of the Sea
A discussion between a Chief Engineer and an Oceanographer about the Machinery of the Ocean Circulation
(NMI GC 228.5 .S75 1987 Sto)

The Visual Encyclopedia of Nautical Terms Under Sail
(NMI V23 .B32 1978b Bat)

When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There’s the Devil to Pay
Seafaring Words in Everyday Speech
(NMI PE 1583 .I85 1996 Isi)

Blue Mind
The Surprising Science that Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do
(NMI BF 789 .W3N53 2014 Nic)

The Boys in the Boat
Nine Americans and their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics
(NMI GV 791 .B844 2013 Bro)

Dead Reckoning
A Pirate Voyage with Captain Drake (Juvenile Literature)
(NMI PZ 7 .L4189 2005 Law)

Dead Reckoning
Great Adventure Writing from the Golden Age of Exploration, 1800-1900
(NMI G 465 .D42 2003 Why)

The Ecology of Atlantic Shorelines
(NMI QH 104.5 .A84 B47 1999 Ber)

Herreshoff of Bristol
A Photographic History of America’s Greatest Yacht and Boat Builders
(NMI VM 321.52 .U6 B47 2005 Bra)

The Humboldt Current
Nineteenth-Century Exploration and the Roots of America Environmentalism
(NMI Q 143 .H9 S24 2006 Sac)

A Dream of Glory, 1758-1797
(NMI DA 87.1 N45S84 2004 Sug)

New England Hurricane
A Factual, Pictorial Record (of the 1938 hurricane)
(NMI F 9 .F45 Fed)

The Seas in Motion
Waves, Tides and Currents – how they work; their causes and effects
(NMI GC 201 .S65 Smi)

Shell Craft
(NMI TT 862 .F68 1993 Elb)

Sindbad the Sailor and other stories from the Arabian Nights
(NMI PZ 8 .S4128 D8 1986)

The Trial of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Eye Witness Accounts from the U.S. Coast Guard Hearings
(NMI KF 228 .E372 S38 2019 Sch)

Ultimate Voyage
A Book of Five Mariners
(NMI PS 3557.13672 U45 1998 Gil)

Library of Congress Classification (How to find your book)

  • Class D – History (General)
  • Subclass DA – Great Britain
  • Subclass DS – Asia
  • Class G – Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  • Subclass G – Geography (General), Atlases, Maps
  • G 369-503: Special Voyages and Travels
  • G 521-539: Adventures, Shipwrecks, Buried Treasure, etc.
  • G 540-550: Seafaring Life, Ocean Travel, etc.
  • G 575-890: Arctic and Antarctic Regions
  • Subclass GC – Oceanography
  • Subclass GN – Anthropology
  • Subclass GR – Folklore
  • Subclass GV – Recreation / Leisure
  • Class V – Naval Science (General)
  • Subclass VA – Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
  • Subclass VK – Navigation / Merchant Marine
  • VK 15-124: History, conditions, etc.
  • VK 381-397: Signaling
  • VK 401-529: Study and teaching
  • VK 549-572: Science of Navigation
  • VK 573-587: Nautical Instruments
  • VK 798-997: Sailing directions, Pilot guides
  • VK 1000-1249: Lighthouse Service
  • Subclass VM – Naval Architecture / Shipbuilding / Marine Engineering
  • VM 15-124: History
  • VM 311-466: Special Types of Vessel
  • VM 595-989: Marine Engineering
  • General Education Titles may be found in the Student Services Office
  • Class A – General Works
  • Class B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • Class C – Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • Classes E and F – History of the Americas
  • Class H – Social Sciences
  • Class J – Political Sciences
  • Class K – Law
  • Class L – Education
  • Class N – Fine Arts
  • Class P – Literature (Fiction)
  • Subclass PE – English Language
  • Subclass PN – Literature (General)
  • Subclass PQ – French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese Literature
  • Subclass PR – English Literature [PR6000 – PR6200 in Slocum Library]
  • Subclass PS – American Literature
  • Subclass PZ – Fiction and Juvenile
  • Class R – Medicine
  • Subclass SH – Aquaculture / Fisheries / Angling
  • Class T – Technology
  • Class U – Military Science
  • Nautical Science Titles may be found in the Joshua Slocum Library
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How to Register for a Boston Public Library e-Card

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